The Client Orchardist provides clients in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Queensland Australia with a range of services including workshops, business strategy & planning session and coaching & mentoring and webinars under its Know to Grow program.

The Know to Grow program is looks to help executives, managers and business owners through focusing on three core strategies:

  • Know – You need to clearly define what the challenges or opportunities are and what is contributing to them and what will they impact. This is the discovery and analysis and planning phase
  • Go – This is the implementation and monitoring phase.
  • Grow – This the implementation phase whee we put everything into action. Then we, monitor and evaluate of results, compare them to the objectives of the strategies and plans. From there we identify the new, and revised, activities to grow even better results.

As managers and owners of a business you are probably juggling multiple “balls” and have limited time to focus. However, over 13 years of helping businesses and 20+ years in the corporate world one thing has become evident….the best results come from taking time to evaluate the challenges and opportunities and possible solutions, then implement the solutions with clear objective is mind and evaluate the results against those objectives .

Here at The Client Orchardist we help to quickly identify where you are wanting to go and then develop and implement actions to get your business there.

The benefits will be:

  • Achievement of measurable results
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Reduce stress and more time to work on your business

The Client Orchardist provides you with unbiased insights with the only objective being to help you harvest more profits from Delighted customers.

You will only want to work with us if you want:

  • HONEST ANSWERS to your questions,
  • OUTSIDE THE BOX solutions
  • A CLEAR DIRECTION for your business

All clients who engage The Client Orchardist through any paid services under the Know to Grow program will also be eligible for:

  • 30% off the retail price of any special paid events organised by The Client Orchardist
  • 10% off any services you may engage The Client Orchardist for and were not part of the original work proposal.
  • Unlimited phone access to Ross Keating during the duration of any engagement (fair use policy applies)
  • A personalised copy the weekly e-update Know to Grow

*T&Cs apply and are stated in all proposals

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