Identifying Your Ideal Customers

What types of people or businesses make up your customer base?  Is it every person in the world, Australia or Queensland potentially your customer?  If your business is like many the answer is "No, my customers are located in…."

However, how would you describe your ideal customer or client?  Is there more than one profile that would describe your ideal customer or client?  This is the beginning of segmenting your customer base.

The benefits of segmenting your customers include

  • Create marketing and other communications that are targeted at each customer segment
  • Improved communication leads to increased conversion to a sale
  • Prioritization of resources – people, finance and equipment
  • More effective use of media appropriate to the market segment
  • Better understanding of your customers’ needs

Customer segmentation will also enhance your management of different sales channels and your sales team. If your sales teams and sales partners better understand your customer profiles they may be able to better adapt their sales process and marketing.  This in turn means more effective communication with clients and between business units. 

The end result is sales will be made more easily as product benefits a better communicated to the customer and service is delivered in a more coordinated way.

The diagram highlights some of the basic attributes used to create what is known as a “ buyer persona” which can be used to identify customer segments within the database. (Also see the article “The Secret Of Why You Should Know What Your Customers Look Like”)

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