3 Reasons Why Customer Retention Matters to Your Business


Account for the Majority of Your Revenue On average, 80% of all your business revenue will come from just 20% of your customers. These tend to be repeat customers that engage with your business on a frequent basis. Trust is an important factor when it comes to a purchase decision and those who already have had a positive experience with [...]

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The Omni-Channel Approach to Digital Marketing


  The Omni-Channel approach to digital marketing is all in the hype these days, with an increasing number of marketers adopting it into their campaign strategies. However, is it a valid terminology for a superior marketing practice or just another buzzword thrown without a clear meaning? Continue reading the article to learn more. What is Omni-Channel Marketing? Omni-channel marketing is [...]

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4 CRM Trends for 2020


CRM AI The past decade has seen an explosive adoption of CRM across industries, allowing companies to grow their sales, enhance their forecasts, and improve the overall experience of their customers. Innovations such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and hybrid clouds have been at the forefront of driving trends in CRM of the past few years. Will trends [...]

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6 Proven Benefits of Using CRM Software


1. Improves Customer Data Management CRM allows an organization to keep all their customer information in a centralized database. This reduces the risk of data redundancy and allows your sales and marketing team quick and easy access to the needed information to facilitate better customer engagement. 2. Streamlines Communications Through the Buyer’s Journey CRM allows all communication processes with existing [...]

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5 Ways Marketing Automation Is Helping Enhance Customer Experience


Digital automation is on the rise, especially in the marketing sector. Across the board, companies are using automation tools to improve engagement with their customers and increase satisfaction. Here are 5 key reasons why marketing automation is helping enhance the customer experience. 1. Timely Engagement Timing is everything. Sending the right message to be sent at the right time can make all [...]

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Ways to Use Customer Segmentation to Recover from COVID-19


Customer segmentation provides a means to overcome some of the obstacles presented by the onset of this crisis. Here we show you ways to use customer segmentation to recover from COVID-19. Segmentation marketing This year the world was hit by COVID-19, plunging it into lockdown and a deep health and economic crisis. As Scott Morrison, Prime Minster of [...]

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5 Helpful Tips for Effective CRM Implementation


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) adaptation is essential for companies wanting to improve customer relations and generate increased sales. Take a look at these stats for instance: For every dollar spent on CRM implementation, it produced an ROI of $8.71. 82% of the best performing salespersons cited CRM tools as being “critical” to their success. Nearly half [...]

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New Nimble 5.0 Raising the Bar for Company-Wide Team Relationship Management


Nimble CRM recently launched a major update to its award-winning simple CRM for Office 365 and G Suite - Nimble 5.0, an easy-to-use team relationship manager designed to transform the way businesses engage customers. Nimble 5.0 delivers a set of powerful enhancements centred on the CRM basics that dramatically improve team relationship management across the organization: an updated view of their [...]

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How to Stop Your Database Marketing From Failing


Are you happy with your email open rates and click-through rates? Are you happy with you post engagement levels? Do you have a “marketing database”? Chances are you are sending regular emails to your database of contacts, prospects and customers.  You’ve probably got a presence on LinkedIn and posting on Facebook and Instagram and possibly Twitter. You’re probably not using [...]

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